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Best Things to Sell in 2020: 8 Things to Sell Online

Video transcript: A new year means a new opportunity to change your life by starting your very own online business. But don’t be fooled. This year will be the same as last year, unless you turn your entrepreneurial ideas into action. You’ve been watching our YouTube videos, listening to the […]

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Video transcript: A new year means a new opportunity to change your life by starting your very own online business. I’m here to help. I've put together a list of best things to sell in 2020 and I've asked pro dropshippers to make a list of their winning products to sell for the new year.

These dropshippers have all made over six figures and some have even made seven figures. So you can be sure to trust that they know what they’re talking about. These dropshippers have also failed along the way, and as they give you their recommendations, they’ll tell you what pitfalls to avoid when creating Facebook Ads, and doing product research on AliExpress. 

Speaking of sales, it’s time to launch into our list of best things to sell for 2020. Grab pen and paper, because, for every product on this list, I’ll explain why the product has high potential for sales, how to market it and how to price it. Let’s get started.

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8 Things to Sell Online in 2020

1. Car Trash Can

Car trash cans are one of the best things to sell in 2020

We are driving straight into the new year with this first product because it is a car trash can. Why is this one of the best things to sell in 2020? Well, it’s a perfect dropshipping product for new dropshippers and that’s because one of the hardest things about dropshipping is finding the right target audience for your product. If you are targeting the wrong people, you’re gonna be wasting money on ads just trying to find that potential customer.

This product gets rid of that because it’s really easy to find your first audiences to test for potential customers. And there are two particular audiences that would work really well when you’re marketing this car trash can.

Car Trash Can Target Audience

The first audience to test is parents. Parents always have to shuttle their children to and from school, and to after-work activities and often along the way, their children are producing a lot of trash in the back seat. Think about gum wrappers and fast-food wrappers and things like that. I’m gonna show you how to target parents on Facebook and to do that, I’m going to go into Facebook Ads Manager. 

Now, if you’ve never been inside Ads Manager this might look kind of strange. I recommend that you check out our Facebook Ads tutorial to catch up to speed. Once you’re in Ads Manager, in the audience section you wanna click “edit detailed targeting” right here. And you’re gonna type “parents.” Now, you’ll see you’ve got a couple of options. You’ve got all parents, parents with adult children, parents with teenagers, etcetera. Select here a couple of groups.

You have a few options here. You can either launch multiple ad sets and test parents of different aged children or you can select multiple interests at once and just test this one audience with multiple interests in it. The one thing you have to remember is that you don’t want to really target parents of teenagers.

Now, this is testable because maybe parents want to buy car trash cans for their teenagers. But when I’m thinking about targeting parents, the problem that I’m thinking of solving with this product is the problem of trash that young children produce in cars. That’s why the first audience I test would actually be parents who are parents of children younger than say 16 years old. 

Target parents with kids under 16 to sell the car trash can

But parents aren’t the only people you can test with this product. Ride-sharing has boomed in the past decade and right now there are about 3 million Uber drivers worldwide. That doesn’t even account for other ride-sharing drivers for platforms like Lift.

These drivers all rely on clean cars to make sure that they get good ratings so they can keep giving rides. To target these drivers, especially Uber drivers, on Facebook, is actually quite possible. To do that you’ll again, go into Ads Manager and for interests type “drive with Uber.” You can select that and you can see that in the US alone, there are 9 million people interested in driving with Uber.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all of them are driving with Uber. So it’s a good audience, even though it’s a bit big for the US, it’s a good audience to target as you start testing who are going to buy these car trash cans.

Before we move on, just one on how to price this product. This product is $4.35, shipping is about $3. So you could say this product costs about, say, $7-$8. Usually what you wanna do is take the product price and the shipping price, add that together, multiply that by three, maybe round up, and that’s what you want your product price to be. So in this case, you could charge about $24.99 for this and still have plenty of room to pay for those targeted ads.

By the way, if you decide to sell this product, you may wanna sell it alongside some other car accessories. And lucky for you, we’ve done a whole video on the car accessories niche. So check it out.

2. Galaxy Rose

One of the best things to sell in 2020 is this Galaxy Rose

In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet says of Romeo that a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet, and you could say the same of the Galaxy Rose. The Galaxy Rose is the next product on our list on best things to sell. Why? Because it solves a problem. I know you’re looking at this iridescent rose and thinking, “What problem could this possibly solve?” It’s the problem of what the heck to get your partner for your anniversary. That’s the problem that this Galaxy Rose solves. 

Galaxy Rose Target Audience

And that ties right into how you need to market a product like this. We’re gonna go back into Facebook Ads Manager because you can actually target people with an upcoming anniversary. I’ll show you how.

I might have made that sound complicated but it’s not. All you’re gonna do in Detailed Targeting here under Interests and Demographics, is type “anniversary.” And you’re gonna see here that you can target people with anniversaries within 30 days, within 61 to 90 days, and within 31 to 60 days.

My suggestion here is that you target people with anniversaries coming up between 31 and 60 days. That gives your customers enough time to see the ad once, maybe think about it and then come back and buy it. It also gives you enough time to ship your product to your customer’s doorstep in time for that anniversary. Because remember, you want to allow about two, three weeks for products to arrive at your customer’s door.

Target people with anniversaries to sell the Galaxy Rose

Luckily, your customer will be fine waiting because where else are they going to buy a magical iridescent rose? Not at Walmart and that’s what makes this a great dropshipping product. Now when you make your ad for this, make sure you’re ad references “perfect anniversary gift” so that they are triggered into thinking, “Oh, right, I have an anniversary coming up.”

I was taking a look at some of the current ads for this product on Facebook and none of them do that. So there’s a really great opportunity for the savvy dropshipper who’s willing to put in the work to make a great video marketing ad, to take a lot of this market of anniversary present shoppers.

Now, how do you price this rose? It’s about $4 and luckily it comes with a beautiful gift box which again, makes it perfect as an anniversary gift. And with shipping to the US via ePacket, that’s $3 more, so let’s say that’s about $7. Following our three times rule, you could price it at $21.99, but actually I’d say bump it up to $24.99. Chances are someone isn’t going to not buy it because it’s $24.99 versus $21.99 and you can use whatever extra margin you can get.

3. Reusable Makeup Pad

Consider selling reusable makeup pads in 2020

You just can’t make up products with this much potential. It’s a makeup remover pad. If you can think of better puns, let us know in the comments below. We’re trying here. But seriously, these makeup remover pads are one of the best things to sell in 2020.

Reusable Makeup Pad Target Audience

Right now the beauty community is starting to pay a lot more attention to the sustainability of their products. Usually, women use either cotton rounds or Q-tips or tissues to wipe off excess make-up. But because these pads are reusable, women can use them to wipe off makeup and yet they won’t be producing the paper waste that they would have otherwise produced with those pads.

Aside from the sustainability argument, these reusable make-up pads are trending in their own right. And for proof of that, you can just head on over to Google trends. I searched reusable make-up pads worldwide for the past five years, and here you can see a very clear upward trend line. So that’s why you should sell this product, but how should you sell it? 

Luckily, this product is really easy to sell because the product listing itself on AliExpress comes with a high definition really well-done video ad. This video ad is great because it shows the product in use, wiping off makeup and it shows the texture and size of the product as well. There’s really nothing more you could ask for. You could even take this video ad and add your own branding or add your own text and I highly recommend that.

Another great thing about this product is it comes with really good high-quality photos. And you can use those photos on your product page. I wanna make a note because a lot of new dropshippers obsess about their entire website.

You can chill out about your homepage, but be obsessive about your actual product page. That’s the page that your ads will direct your audience towards, so it needs to describe your product in great detail and it needs to have awesome product photos. With this product, you at least have the photo part covered. 

If you don’t wanna use Facebook Ads to get this product in front of your audience, you should definitely try using beauty influencers and you can now look for them in a variety of places. Plenty of influencers still hang out on Instagram, but YouTube and Tik-Tok are also now platforms where you will find beauty influencers and so will your audience.

So find creative ways to reach out to these influencers. Offer to send them the product for free and ask that they feature the product and include a link to your product in whatever caption or description they have to work with.

Let’s talk about how to price this product because this is a special case. If we look at the individual pads, the individual pads are only $1.30 and shipping is actually more expensive than the individual pads, ’cause it’s about two bucks.

To really make sure that you can make more of a profit per sale here, I suggest you sell the bundles. So there’s this bundle or this bundle that you can sell. And both of them are about $3. So in total, this is about $5. Sell the bundle of three for about $14.99 and that’s going to protect your margins.

4. 3D Solar System Crystal Ball

The 3D solar system ball is one of the best things to sell in 2020

The next product on our list of things to sell is out of this world and also fits in the palm of your hand. It’s the 3D solar system crystal ball. Now, why does this product work? Well, actually, we validated this product on Facebook, which is to say, we found other Facebook video ads featuring this product and they were doing really well. And if an ad is doing really well, it’s only because the product is getting sales. Because that’s what allows the entrepreneur to keep paying for that ad to run and get more views and more views. 

Validating a Product on Facebook

Now, I know you’re gonna ask how do you validate a product on Facebook? And I will show you. Once you’re on Facebook, type the product name. And you might wanna type a couple of variations to make sure you’re being thorough with your research. For example, I could search “3D Galaxy crystal ball”, but I could also search “3D solar system ball” and other variations.

In my searches, I found multiple ads like this one that was published in 2019 and have over 100,000 views. So that tells me that this product was working. Now, if you’re going to tell me that this product is saturated because there are a couple of successful video ads for this product, I will save my argument for now and direct you to here where I explain why there’s no such thing as saturation and I will not hear any more of it.

The solar system crystal is still a hot product and one of the best products to sell

How to market this product. Well, like the previous product, this product is fairly easier to market because there’s a great video ad that comes with it, but do you want to market this product for free? Totally doable. You just have to have time and patience and a social media account. Dropshippers Kory and Rodney talked all about this and here’s a link to their interview.

The key to marketing for free is to build a community first. So in this case, you could build a Tik-Tok account or an Instagram account full of really cool facts about the solar system. It has to be entertaining. It has to be of high quality. And you have to go out there, find other people in this community and comment on their stuff, too, so they’ll come and follow your account.

Now, does that sound like a lot of work? It is. That is the key to marketing for free. You can either spend money to market and not do so much work or you can work your tail off, but save a few dimes. Time, money, money time. It’s the eternal decision to make. But you can have success with either.

How do you price a product like this? Well, it’s about 10. Luckily, ePacket is free. Our multiple-by-three rule would have us price this at around $30. And I think $29.99 is appropriate because it’s glass, it looks very delicate, high quality, and premium. $30 is not too much to ask for this product. And once you’ve built an admiring community of solar system lovers they will be all too happy to show their love for the universe by purchasing a product like this.

5. Custom Pet Socks

Custom pet socks are high potential dropshipping products to sell in 2020

The next product on our list of high potential things to sell in 2020 is these custom printed socks. Now, in AliExpress these socks are listed as personalized. And the idea is that if you wanted to have a store where you sold these socks and you had customers send you their pet images, you could put those on the socks and sell them custom socks.

Now that’s fantastic, but there’s another opportunity with these custom products that I want to point out because not a lot of dropshippers are talking about it. When you have custom products, you have an invitation to essentially make your own product.

Benefits of Customized Products

So yes, you could create the store and wait for customers to send you their pet photos and that is a product that some customers will want, but you can also take this opportunity to create your own socks around communities. Let’s go back to that example. We were talking about passionate communities.

Say you had a community page, an Instagram page, dedicated to, oh, Maine Coon cats. Maine Coons are a particular breed of cat. I happen to love them and I would definitely buy socks with multiple Maine Coon heads on them. It would be more unique than just a pair of socks with cat heads ’cause it would be specific to the breed I like. And yet, I wouldn’t have to do any work of sending my own cat’s photo to a store. Get creative with these custom product opportunities. They can be custom for your customers, yes, but they can also be custom for you.

You can create products based on communities you’re familiar with that no other dropshipper is thinking of. You can take advantage of the dropshipping method and not pay for inventory, but yet, sell a unique product that doesn’t exist yet. The only thing to do is be careful of licensing, especially if you’re gonna use images that you didn’t take. Just make sure you’re using them from a royalty-free site so that you have permission to use them on products like this. If you go that route, how to market it? Obviously you’re going to target products like that towards the passionate community that you’re incorporating into the final product.

And you’re gonna know that better than anyone else. When it comes to pricing a product like this, you can push those margins. These socks are $4 with about $2 shipping to the US via ePacket shipping. That means you wanna go about $18. You could even do $19.99. That’s a bit expensive for a pair of socks, but when you’re marketing to a passionate community or you’re going the truly custom route, customers are fine buying these socks. They simply cannot get these socks anywhere else.

6. Tracing Light Tool

Top items to sell in 2020 include this tracing light tool

This next product is for the advanced dropshippers out there and it has tons of potential, but it’s not for newbies, and here’s why. This product is high-potential because… I don’t know what to call it. And in fact, the internet isn’t quite sure what to call it. I was looking this up on YouTube and on Google Trends and I was seeing that every time I typed one term another term was suggested. Sometimes it’s an LED tracing table. Other times, it’s an LED artist’s pad. There are lots of different things to call it.

And yet this product is getting sales because it makes it more fun and easier for people to draw the things that they want to draw. So it’s a product that really appeals to a very passionate, niche community and niche interest.

The opportunity here for the advanced dropshipper is to own what this thing is called. To really build a brand. If you call this “Light Table Pro” or something, and you get the domain name and you make this the Light Table Pro, then instead of people searching for an LED artists pad, they’ll now research Light Table Pro. This isn’t easy, because it requires some marketing budget to get that kind of visibility and you should probably know how to work with influencers.

I actually found out what this product was when I was on YouTube and I saw this product on a YouTube tutorial for using it. So really obvious answer in terms of how to market this product is to go to these sites that demonstrate how to use this for the hobbyists that are interested in it, contact the creator and ask them to feature your product, the Light Tracer Pro, or whatever creative name you come up with, and get in front of the passionate audience that way.

This product has several different variations because you can sell both the light pad itself or the light pad plus accessories. That’s up to you. If you sell just the light pad, then it’s about $14 with free ePacket shipping to the US. So following our rule to multiply by three, I would suggest you sell this at around $39.99 or so. I know you’re tired of me droning on and on and you just wanna get to selling but we just have two more recommendations.

7. Drone Landing Pad

Drone landing pads are one of the best things to sell during the holidays

The next thing to sell online is a drone landing pad. Why sell drone landing pads? Well, the answer is because everyone got a drone for Christmas. I’m not just making that up. When you go to Google Trends and search “drone”, you’ll see that this spikes during the holidays. So what do you do now that you know that everyone and their mother got a drone for Christmas? You sell drone accessories. You don’t sell drones, and here are some items that you should not dropship.

Drone Landing Pad Target Audience

Sell drone accessories. It’s way easier and you still are going after that same huge market. This drone landing pad is a great example of exactly the kind of drone accessory you could try selling. And when it comes to how to sell this, influencers are going to be the way to go. You wanna look for people who are making really cool videos with their drones and get creative because not all people who are creating videos with their drones are describing themselves as a drone videographer. There are lots of YouTube influencers who are making videos about travel and they’re using drones too.

That would still be a great influencer to reach out to and say, “Hey, can I give you my drone landing pad? Can you mention that you film this with a drone and use this?” And just see what they say. It never hurts to ask these influencers if they’re open to an opportunity. 

Let’s talk about the price, this is an easy one. The product itself is about $5 and shipping via ePacket to the US is about $4. And so, together you’ve got nine times three is 27. You could even push that up to $29.99 and that gives you enough of a room to offer discount codes, for example, when you’re working with those influencers. Okay, you will not be able to wrap your mind around the last product on our list.

8. Shower Head Wrap

This shower head wrap is one of the top items to sell in 2020

It’s the microfiber towel head wrap. Why this product, why now? Well Google Trends, again, has the answer. If you search “microfibre hair towel”, which is exactly what this is, you can see a very clear upward trend line. And the reason is that these microfiber towel head wraps dry air faster than regular towels because of the microfiber texture. Not only that, but they also dry hair with less damage than blow dryers because they’re not subjecting hair to really intense heat.

That is the problem that you’re solving for your customers when you sell this product. And you want to make sure as you market this product, that you make that abundantly clear. You’re gonna make videos showing hair getting fried under a hairdryer. And you’re gonna show the soft microfiber wrap towel quickly drying hair to a silky finish. How you do that is up to you. You can be your own model or you can go on sites like Fiverr and find freelancers who will help you with videos like this.

In fact, we asked dropshipper Paul Lee about how he goes on Fiverr and finds the right freelancers for jobs like this, and he told us everything. My favorite part about this product is the price. It costs less than a dollar and I suggest you sell this for 10 times that amount. So about $9.99. That means that as you market this product, you’re gonna have so much money per sale to devote to Facebook ads. This is a great product to begin dropshipping on so you can learn the basics without burning through too much cash when you’re just getting started with your ad campaigns. Okay? 

That’s it for our list of things to sell that you should start dropshipping in 2020. What did you think and what did you think of the puns? Leave your comments below. That’s all from me for now. And until next time, learn often, market better and sell more.

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