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Chart of top shopping apps on iOS in 2021

Top Shopping Apps in 2021

With more and more people owning smartphones and shopping online, mobile shopping apps have been getting increasingly popular among consumers.

The best shopping apps offer ease and convenience when shopping online. Many also come with features that streamline and enhance the mobile shopping experience for users.

That said, not all mobile shopping apps are equally good. Mobile operating systems play a role in influencing the popularity of these apps among consumers. 

By and large, the top shopping apps for the iOS and Android operating systems are the same. However, the order of these popular apps for shopping differs depending on whether they are used by iOS or Android mobile phones. 

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Best Shopping Apps on iOS

As of April 2021, the list of the most popular mobile apps on the iOS app store was topped by ecommerce giant Amazon’s app. This is followed by SHEIN, a fashion shopping app.

Shopify’s shopping assistant app, Shop, is in third place. Despite Shop’s relatively recent release in April 2020, it has already burst into the top three. This is because Shop is actually a revamp of Shopify’s previous app, Arrive, which helped shoppers track their packages. 

In fourth place is Walmart, which announced that it would be shutting down its groceries app and merging it with its main retail app in 2020. This is followed by OfferUp, a C2C marketplace that connects local buyers and sellers, in fifth place.

Rounding out the ten most popular shopping apps on the iOS are:

  1. Nike
  2. Wish
  3. eBay
  4. Walgreens
  5. Target

Best Shopping Apps on Google Play

Chart of top shopping apps on Google Play in 2021

The list of the top shopping apps on the Android operating system looks slightly different. While the top few players are mostly the same, the biggest difference is their order. 

Shop tops the list of best shopping apps on Google Play, followed by Wish, Walmart, Amazon, and then SHEIN. 

Here are the sixth- to tenth-most popular mobile shopping apps for Android devices: 

  1. OfferUp
  2. Nike
  3. eBay
  4. Poshmark
  5. Walgreens

Mobile Shopping Apps Usage

With the rise of mobile commerce, shopping apps have become part and parcel of consumers’ daily lives in the United States. 

A surprising 97 percent of US consumers use their shopping apps at least once a week, with 21 percent accessing these apps several times a day.

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