With the number of internet users increasing year after year, understanding consumers’ behavior online and, in particular, the top websites they visit is more relevant now than ever for ecommerce businesses. 

Social media, search engines, and adult entertainment sites currently dominate the list of top websites in the world.

Coming in at the top is internet giant Google. This should come as no surprise, considering its dominance in the global search engine market share. In fact, as many as 3.5 billion queries are carried out on Google every single day.

This is followed by social media platforms YouTube, which is also owned by Google, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which make up the top five.

Baidu, China’s own answer to Google, is the sixth most popular website and the second most popular search engine in the world. The top website that’s neither a search engine nor a social media platform is online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which is in seventh place. The next two most visited websites on the list are search engines Yahoo and Yandex.

The only ecommerce site on the list of top ten websites in the world is none other than ecommerce giant Amazon, which ranks 10th. However, given the rise of online shopping, it is probably just a matter of time before Amazon and other ecommerce sites slowly make their way up the rankings.

Most Visited Websites in the US

Most visited websites in the US chart

Let’s now take a look at the ten most visited websites in the United StatesJust like the global list, social media and search engines feature extensively in the US top websites list, making up more than half of the top ten. 

The top three websites in the US remain the same—Google, YouTube, and Facebook. But that’s where the similarities end. 

Amazon ranks as the fourth most visited website and the top ecommerce website in the US. It’s also not the only ecommerce website on the list. Another ecommerce site to feature within the ten most popular websites in the US is eBay, which ranks tenth.

In sixth, seventh, and ninth places respectively, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit make up the five social media platforms on the list. The remaining two sites that make up the top ten are Yahoo and Wikipedia.

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