How Many People Use Social Media in 2020?

how many people use social media

Social media’s infiltration into the lives of internet users has been on the increase. Since the turn of the decade, the number of social media users has nearly tripled from 0.97 billion in 2010 to 2.77 billion in 2019 – an average year-on-year growth rate of 12.6 percent.

Going forward, while the number of social media users will continue to increase, growth is expected to plateau. The year-on-year growth rate from 2019 to 2021 is estimated at 4.4 percent, approximately one-third of the growth rate from 2010 to 2019.

Despite the slowdown, it’s clear that social media will continue to be a part of consumers’ daily lives, with smartphones and mobile devices as a driving force. Social media statistics show that 86.7 percent of social media users worldwide will be accessing social media sites via their mobile phones, representing a 4.9 percentage point increase from 2017.

Social Media Usage by Region

Looking at how many people use social media, much of the growth in social media usage from the past year has come from Asia Pacific, a region that registered 12 percent more social media users in 2019 than in 2018. Here’s a regional breakdown of the increase.

  • Africa: 13% (+25 million)
  • Americas: 3.8% (+25 million)
  • Asia Pacific: 12% (+218 million)
  • Europe: 3.2% (+14 million)
  • Middle East: 4.7% (+6 million)

In terms of social media penetration, the worldwide average stands at 45 percent. But this figure is notably higher in North America and East Asia, with 7 out of every 10 internet users using social media.

The accessibility of economically priced smartphones, Wi-Fi coverage, and improving 3G and 4G networks play a massive role in increasing social media usage across the globe. This is especially so in the African, Asia-Pacific, Latin American, and Middle East regions, where we will see an uptick in the number of first-time social media users.

The average time spent on social media per day has also been on the rise. In 2018, the average daily social media usage is 2 hours 22 minutes, a 49 percent increase from the 1 hour 35 minutes just five years prior in 2013.

Such statistics are a clear indication of the growing trend and reliance of consumers on social media, and a clear opportunity for social media marketing opportunities for ecommerce businesses worldwide.

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