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10 Best Lamps and Lights to Sell in 2019

Best Lamps and Lights to Sell in 2019

Looking for the best lamps and lights to sell in 2019? In this section, we do a deep dive into the lighting niches that’ll skyrocket over the coming year. From bathroom lights to novelty lamps, you’ll find a whole spectrum of lamps and lights you can sell on your store.

10 Best Lamps and Lights to Sell in 2019

#1. LED Lights

This future of the lighting niche looks bright, especially when you consider how many lamp styles you can sell on your store. With so many suppliers selling this one lamp, sales for this ellipse lamp are taking the spotlight on people’s stores.

You can position this lamp in various ways. For example, it can work well as a reading lamp, table lamp, night lamp, bedside lamp and more.

For a lamp, it’s quite versatile for where it can be used due to its unique but stunning design. This specific product works as a night lamp, table lamp, kids lamp and is also an LED lamp.

So when you finally get around to marketing this product you can go after various keywords so you end up in people’s search results. However, ellipse lamps can also work as impulse-buy products due to their design.

So Google Shopping ads would be a great option. Why? Because then you can lure potential customers in with their keyword search but your product’s look will compel them to drop everything and buy it immediately.

#2. Photo Twinkle Lights

A quick Google Trends search shows that both twinkle and fairy lights are moving on up in searches. So, not surprisingly, wall lights like this photo twinkle light will rise in popularity too.

A big indicator that a product is a winning product is the number of suppliers who sell it. On Oberlo, we have countless suppliers selling various styles of twinkle and fairy lights that you can sell on your store.

Good news: the keyword “fairy lights” gets 165,000 monthly searches according to Keywords Everywhere, which shows the viability of a niche around these types of products.

You can devote an entire product category to having various styles of twinkle and fairy lights to promote your wall lights on your store. Want to get this product on your customers’ walls? Then, try taking your own custom photos.

If you aren’t a savvy photographer, reach out to an influencer to take custom photos for you. Then, add your custom photos to platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Women planning their wedding or interested in home decor may be interested in purchasing these products so keep them in mind when setting targeting options. But don’t be afraid to explore other demographics as well.

#3. Reading Light

When it comes to selling night lights, never forget the bookworm who reads late at night. From students to the lifelong learner, reading lights are trending upward. “Reading light” also gets a fair amount of monthly searches: 22,200 to be exact.

They’re popular enough to be added as a standalone category within your lighting store. The difference between reading lights and regular table lamps is that the former tend to clip to your book to minimize the lighting within the room, so that your customers don’t accidentally wake up their roommate with their late-night reading.

The easiest way to find your target audience for this product is by aiming for students or parents of young children. When targeting students, you might decide to target different universities right before their midterms or right before the start of the school year.

When targeting parents, you’ll be promoting the product to them on behalf of their young children. You can write copy that helps encourage their children to read books before bed. Use the targeting options in Facebook to run Instagram and Facebook ads.

#4. Night Light Projector

Are most of your customers’ young parents? If so, you might want to help them ease their children’s fear of the dark by promoting this night light wave projector.

It adds a dark blue wave design on the ceiling to subtly brighten up the room. It’s also great for bathrooms for late night bathroom runs. Projector lights made up huge sales volumes in 2018 and are expecting continued growth in the upcoming year.

In the past 12 months, it’s seen searches for projector lights have been climbing, especially towards the end of each year. You can recommend this product to customers as a way to better see in the dark.

Since this product is battery operated, you can easily place it in rooms without needing any outlets. You can showcase this product’s benefits for being able to better see in the dark.

For example, if promoted as a bathroom light, it can help you see in the dark without a harsh yellow light waking up anyone else in the home. The dark blue light is also less harsh than a traditional yellow one. This can also be marketed as a children’s night light for children who tend to get scared of the dark.

#5. Camping Headlamp

Those catering to outdoor enthusiasts will love promoting this camping light. Walking in the dark woods looking for an outhouse at three in the morning can be a dreaded experience.

Especially if there are wild animals like snakes or bears that walk along the same paths. This product can help ensure your customers’ safety while they trek through the deep woods.

Interestingly enough, search volume for “headlamp” tends to hold steady each year proving that this is a steady product you can sell. Peak season tends to climb during the darker winter months.

There are actually various niches you can promote this headlamp to. For starters, you can promote it to outdoor enthusiasts such as campers and hunters. Second, you can also promote it to fitness enthusiasts such as cyclists and runners for those darker, winter days where visibility is a matter of life or death.

This can also come in handy for outdoor workers who work later in the evening and require headgear to be able to complete work tasks in the dark. You can use Facebook’s targeting options to target people based on their job title or interests to inch closer to finding your ideal customer.

#6. Wall Lights and Sconces

Wall lights like these sconces will start becoming more popular in the coming year. People are looking for more accent lighting, according to Google Trends.

Lining up hallways with sconces is a perfect way to add some subtle lighting to a home and shoppers are aware of this. These sconces come in five different colors: black, gray, green, pink, and white better allowing you to find a customer who is looking for a specific color.

Search volume for “wall lights” is at about 90,500 monthly searches showing that this type of lighting is quite popular. And this specific product has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from over 200 reviews, showing that it’s a product customers are happy with.

So with these wall sconces, you can promote them on popular home decor blogs. You can reach out to blogs in the niche and ask them to include a link to your product in one of their lighting products round-up articles to get more eyeballs on your wall sconces.

If people click on the link to your website after seeing the photo, they’re much more likely to buy it than if they stumbled onto your website searching for something else. You can then run a retargeting ad for this product so that you can win-back shoppers who didn’t buy it on their first visit.

#7. Bulb Loudspeaker

On average, most lamps and lighting products are search-based finds, meaning that customers tend to look for it before buying rather than buying it based on impulse. However, like fairy lights and novelty lights, this bulb loudspeaker is quirky enough to be bought on impulse.

What’s interesting about it is how it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker and a light bulb that changes color. Why’s this amazing? Because it’s perfect for those who want to hold a house party or who have a stage in their home.

In the past six months, 2441 of these bulb loudspeakers were sold to customers. Since this is an impulse-buy product, you’ll likely want to promote this bulb loudspeaker on Facebook and Instagram. You might want to target people who like partying or clubbing.

You might also try targeting people who listen to music like EDM. This might inch you closer to finding your target audience. Marketing your products via Facebook groups or Instagram direct messages can also help you drive more sales on your store.

So, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who might fit your target audience. And don’t forget to reach out to influencers who might be willing to promote your products for you.

#8. Selfie Night Light

But first, let me take a selfie. With Instagram’s popularity going strong, it’s safe to say that the selfie isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, now you can help customers get their best shot no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

This Selfie Night Light Ring allows customers to take their selfies in dark clubs, in the darkest hours of the night, or in rooms with bad lighting. This one in particular has had over 27,000 sales in the past six months. Huge!

This night light also comes in three colors: white, black and pink, thus allowing you to recommend different colors for people with different phone colors or color preferences.

This light ring is compatible with various phones such as iPhones, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and more. Want to get your night light on more phones?

Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple way to do that. When it comes to targeting on Facebook, you can target people based on the device they use. So if the night light is compatible with an iPhone 7, you can target people with iPhones 7s under behavior (meaning they own it) and interests.

You can also zero in on your marketing such as by gender or other interests to find the type of customer who is most likely to buy your product. You can also reach out to influencers who have taken great photos who can plug this product on Instagram or YouTube by educating people on simple tricks to take better photos. This product can be included as one of the ways to take better photos because lighting is essential for great photography.

#9. Bathroom lights

Nobody likes being awakened by bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night. Fortunately, this toilet seat light is the solution to that problem.

These battery-operated bathroom lights light up the toilet seat at night so you can find it in the dark. The subtle lighting is perfect for those who don’t want to turn on a bright, harsh late in the early hours of the morning.

It’s also perfect for those who regularly need to use the washroom throughout the night. In the past six months, over 2,700 customers have purchased this product proving that it’s a must-have light for the home.

So, how do you connect more customers to your toilet seat light? This impulse-buy product can be marketed on Facebook or Instagram to capture impulse shoppers looking to brighten up their toilets.

You can target men who might need the light to better aim in the dark. You can also target parents of young children under 12 who use the washroom frequently throughout the night. This can also work well as a search-based product as “toilet light” gets about 9,900 monthly searches so don’t be afraid to write content around this keyword, create Google Shopping ads and search ads as well.

#10. Novelty Lights

In 2018, we saw the rise of novelty lights. But 2019 will see that trend continue to rise. Google Trends shows that from September to November each year there’s an upward trend in “novelty lights” searches.

When you create a product category for novelty lights on your store, you’ll find that there’s a great selection of products to choose from. However, various products have also proven to be quite popular.

Want to sell these novelty lamps to the masses? Since search volume for “novelty lights” and “shark light” tends to be low, you’ll likely want to focus on an impulse-buy strategy. You can focus on Facebook and Instagram. For instance, you might choose to target people based on holidays or milestones.

For example, an ad for the love lamp above might target couples celebrating an anniversary, couples that are newly engaged or holidays such as Valentine’s Day, whereas ads for the shark lamp might target people who are interested in sharks. Remember, no two novelty lights are the same so be sure to target people based on the specific product you’re selling rather than creating a general ad for the entire product category.

Lighting Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Doug RootDoug Root, Co-Owner & President of Atlanta Light Bulbs, recommends, “When it comes to preparing for 2019 lighting purchases, our team at Atlanta Light Bulbs is focusing on LEDs. Many companies and homeowners are retrofitting their lights with LEDs. These lighting replacements are not only more energy efficient, they also reduce maintenance costs and provide better lighting. In addition to LEDs, you will see many homeowners leaning toward Smart Bulbs that provide them with remote access and control of their lighting, not to mention the ability to dim and change the color of their lighting from an app.”

Tina CarpenterTina Carpenter, E-Commerce Manager at Juice Electrical Supplies shares, “Interiors take cues from the supernatural next year as designers continue to be inspired by mysticism and this filters down to high-street level. As the political climates continue to be turbulent, this trend offers much needed escapism for the masses.

“For lighting, this will mean fixtures and fittings with an ethereal quality. So, expect luminous colours mixed with subdued brightness outputs. Lights with multiple bulbs help to convey the supernatural feeling, whilst embellishments such as light-distorting jewels and natural stones will allude to shamanism. Nature iconography will also feature heavily in lighting, to reflect its integral role in the world of witchcraft.”

Andres TorrubiaAndres Torrubia, CEO & Co-founder of Fixr says, “Whimsical lighting designs are only set to grow next year, albeit with a few updates for 2019. Expect to see more face motives as we search for connection in an increasingly disconnected world. However, depictions of faces will extend far beyond just people, as bulbs feature inside designs of animals, birds and robots as seen at Dutch Design Week.

“The continuation of political turbulence means that neon lights will continue to reign supreme in the world of novelty lighting, thanks to the ease with which they can be used to depict political messages. Artist David Shrigley confirmed the neon was going nowhere when he revealed his latest piece this October; a neon slogan.”

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