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Tomas Šlimas How to Dropship

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Exactly one year ago we were a group of five in a small office in Vilnius. All with different backgrounds but one aspiration – to help dropshippers run their businesses smoothly and easily. Since then, we’ve achieved some unbelievable heights.

With now 22 full-timers we are daily dedicating hours of hard work to building the best and most reliable dropshipping app out there. It’s been an outstanding year for Oberlo! We wouldn’t have been able to do all of this if it wasn’t for our loyal clients who we haven’t stopped caring about since day one.

So, to celebrate our first anniversary, let’s relive Oberlo’s biggest moments together.

Numbers that matter:

Oberlo dropshipping app
Oberlo dropshipping app
Oberlo Products Sold
Oberlo Most Popular Categories
Oberlo dropshipping app
Oberlo dropshipping app
Oberlo Customer Success Time
Oberlo Customer Success Team
This is just the beginning! Every day we wake up to make your life as dropshipping business owners easier. We do everything and more to show how important every single one of our clients is to us.  Nothing ever stopped us. And nothing ever will.
Thank you for believing in us. ✌

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Tomas Šlimas
Tomas Šlimas
Tomas Slimas has recently sold his $3M dropshipping business and now helps store owners automate their dropshipping stores at Oberlo.